About Me
working katy
After an amazing internship experience at Adaptive Path, a design consultancy firm in San Francisco, I am ready to embark on my second year (thesis year!) of grad school.

What are you going to do with an art degree?

Prior to CMU, I studied Art Practice at UC Berkeley. However, I always had a curious mind, and the great thing about going to a big school is that you can pretty much study whatever you want. So, I learned a lot about branding and marketing and about computer science and HCI. I guess that makes me a “T-shaped person” (*transdisciplinary!*).

Someone gave you a job?

My curiosity persisted after graduation. I joined Deloitte Consulting to get cross-industry experience. I wanted to solve problems, so it seemed like a good fit.
I spent 3 years jetsetting across the country, working in both large tech corporations and small retail banks. I saw the effects of the economy as it hit each industry, and when I found myself sitting in Idaho writing database queries for financial data, I realized this wasn't how I wanted to help people.

Goodbye Idaho, Hello Pittsburgh?

As I began to reflect on my interests and the courses that inspired me, I stumbled upon Interaction Design. And so, I explored programs, talked to professors, applied to school, and here I am at CMU.

Ultimately, I still want to solve problems and learn about people so I can help them in new ways. I have really seen the potential and power of creativity and innovation and am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of me!