calibrate concept

Managing Time to Boost Productivity

Grad Prototyping / CMU / Fall 2011

Calibrate is a time management tool that allows users to track and re-calibrate their time to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Through an XML driven data visualization, users can examine how they are spending their time and how they can manage their time more productively.


XML Driven Data Visualization
AS3 Flash Demo Prototype
Narrative and Storyboarding
Audio & Video Production

Individual Project


Brian Staszel

Concept Ideation

We were prompted to think about various sources of data in our lives and how we can use it to create a meaningful visualization that will ultimately change behavior. As I started to explore lists of data in my life, I noticed that time and productivity seemed to be an emerging theme within my life, as well as everyone else around me.

To bring this idea into reality, I started sketching different visualization options, considering how the time we spend in our daily lives can be displayed, where it can be displayed, and how this system of information can ultimately motivate change in how people spend and manage their time.
calibrate sketch

Daily Time Dial

The daily time dial allows users to easily track their daily time breakdown. It syncs with online calendars and the alarms users set on thier phones so most of the day is automatically pre-populated. You simply have to go in and fill in the gaps to track you time usage each day.
calibrate daily time dial

XML Driven Data Visualization

Through an XML driven data visualization, the user can view how much time he or she spent in various pre-determined categories such as sleeping, working, attending class, and more. By interacting with the visualization, users can examine how they are spending their time and money and how they can manage their time more productively. Based on the category selected, the visualization will re-align accordingly.

Interactive Flash Demo

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Final Concept & Deliverables

To bring all these elements together, I created a videosketch to demonstrate context of use, as well as how the user would engage with the system as a whole.

The final deliverable was a webpage developed in html and css embedded with the interactive data visualization and the final concept video.

Final Concept Webpage

gaia close ups

Final Concept Video